We work with industries to put their optics project firmly on the road.

Nothing to sell apart from our knowledge: we help them to make the right decisions when it comes to developing a new optics based system or acquiring a COTS system.


From the first idea to your first sales, all along the process, we accelerate your project development, helping you to define the application requirements and the technology to meet them.

Our consulting services will regardfully accompany you on a fast and cost saving road to success.

& Prototyping

Accelerate your prototyping phase with our 30 years of practical experience. In this crucial phase, we can support you or carry for you the whole steps of design, fabrication and field testing.

Through our constant and frank communication, you keep full control over the work program.


Lidar science and technology is our main field of expertise since more than 25 years. We can produce complete physics-based and software simulations of the sensitivity and scene coverage of the lidar system you have in mind, accounting for real-life weather conditions.


Sure I do understand and master optics and physics. But, as President of IOSL and as former Director of Departments or Project Manager in many companies, I surely also understand the necessity for you to keep your R&D project on track with the requirements of your budget, your calendar and your quality specification.

This Is My Personal Promise To You.

Robert Bernier, M. Sc. Phys., President


Years of experience
in Optics and

35 000+

Hours passed in optics labs, design tables and
fields testing


Leader in 20+ successful
R&D projects with commercial output


Refereed scientific papers and contract reports in the fields of Lidar, Radar, laser-ultrasonic and image processing

Main Reasons to Work With Us

Our Impartiality

We have nothing to sell apart from our knowledge and skills in various fields of Optics and Lidar technologies. Let us help you make the right decisions and choices regarding your new optics based system or to acquire the most relevant COTS system.

Our Flexibility

We are a small in-house team of experts. One of us will be your dedicated contact during the whole cycle. We can quickly turn around and adapt to your changes in calendar or in product mission requirements.

Our Considerate Approach

We understand that yours may not be the field of Electro-Optics. At every point along the road, we will make sure that every concerned member of your personnel fully understands all aspects of the project and of our analysis and recommendations.

Our Interdisciplinary Team

Our in-house expertise combines high-level skills in Optics, Electro-Optics, Electro-Mechanics, Electronics, Mechanics and Software.

Our Design
& Manufacturing Network

For specific design and manufacturing, we offer our network of technical services to cover the full cycle of your project, from first idea to complete design and prototype manufacturing/integration.

Rush Through the Design and Prototyping without risking to forget those details which are decisive for your success.

We will gladly give you hints about how we could help you and schedule a meeting.

As optics and lidar technologies find fruitful applications in all industries,
so also do our consulting and expert services


Automotive, Transportation Systems & Traffic Management

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving (AD), Safety Obstacle Avoidance Systems (OAS) are the driving development fields in this industry. For all these applications, Lidar more and more appears as the exquisite tool.

We can help you design your system. First, let us know your application and your budgetary as well as quality requirements for your next product. We will go with you through all the design phases including a physics-based model of the results you can expect of it in various weather conditions. We can go as far as designing, fabricating and testing the first prototype.

Example of physics-based simulation of detections by an airborne Lidar: quantitative statistics are accumulated in view of characterizing the Lidar equipment.

Aeronautics & UAVs

Lidar technology is now emerging as the major tool for Detect-See-and-Avoid (DSA), Advanced Navigation Aid Systems (ANAS) and will also prove of utmost importance to help the helicopter pilot to land in the Degraded Visual Environments (DVE) commonly known as brownout or whiteout.

Need help for the design of the product which will meet your budgetary and quality requirements? All parameters will be evaluated: optical as well as electro-mechanical for the scanning requirements for instance. If you will, we will go as far as designing, fabricating and testing the first prototype.


Automation of Inspection
& Control

In all industries, the tasks of Process Control, Product Classification and Quality Control may be found as tedious as they are indispensable. Resorting to their automation is the sure warrant of efficiency. Electro-Optical systems have their special niche right there.

Making high-precision non-contact measurements and inspection for defects even in harsh environments is what we can help you to achieve. Our expertise in the two fields of Laser-Ultrasonics and Machine Vision for material characterization and product inspection is our offer for your special requirements.

3d mapping

3D Mapping & Surveillance

Security, situational awareness and perimeter surveillance around critical areas are a few reasons to use Lidars. Lidar is also making its way in fields of activities like construction, mining and urban planning.

Our expertise in the two fields of Lidar and Radar technologies is our offer for your special requirements. Be it a question of physics modelling, designing or even prototyping, we will accompany you through all the phases of your project.

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